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two plum press

Two Plum Press produces slim volumes of literary works both contemporary and classic. Titles include works of poetry, essays, fiction, philosophy, visual art, travel and food writing.

The press operates similarly to an independent record label, where the artists are tied to one another through their friendships, common location, history, and collaborations.

The books are produced in industrial southeast Portland, Oregon. They are printed on primarily old paper stock and feature letterpress-printed dust jackets using hand set lead type.

Designer/publisher Andrew Barton is the son of an author and a librarian, grandson of a poet and book store owner. Collecting books since his early youth, he has always gravitated towards those smaller and simpler by design.


Mother Foucault's Bookshop (Portland, OR)

Powell's City Of Books (Portland, OR– Hawthorne is in stock more often than Burnside)

Association Shop (Portland, OR)

Good Press (Glasgow, UK)




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