BOOK TO SHARE by Emma Young


Emma Young is a designer, printmaker, and writer living on her native Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, where she serves as poet laureate of the town of West Tisbury.

Book to Share is comprised of works written over the last decade, both previously unpublished and selections from her own hand printed and bound chapbooks:

I Love Leaves

Ezra Pound for the Proses

Book to Share

So Soon We Shall See

Color Letters


Tomato Skin Diamond




Two Plum Press is thrilled to be releasing this volume of collected poems!                   View Emma's letterpress and design work here.                                                           Read an interview and see her letterpress studio here




Window Poem

I have cut an orange just so

it’s slices have bottoms like bellies and
are to eat
teeth and eyes

while I look out the window

knowing I watch the moments go snow,
then clear sun squares, shadows

orange slice
in my jaws white, it’s started
to snow again



When I am
red yellow,
exhausted by the work, do you know what
I honor in you?

You love so well
it makes all
the animals strive.

We all feel geranium red sometimes, or egg yolk, we feel yellow.

We would give
up real words,
give up all the work, and we would love like you.