FLAVOR by Sofie Sherman-Burton


Sofie transferred to Bennington College (VT) in the spring of 2011. She cooked and ate with fervor and focus during her two years there, and some meals became more significant in memory than in the initial consumption. Over the course of the last month before her graduation, she set out to record those most prevalent food memories. The result is found in Flavor.

The book includes 3 plates of color photography showcasing the area where the book was lived and then written. 

"This book made me nostalgic for experiences I never had."

-Marisa Csanyi, Incandescent Zine 



I hardly even knew what a garlic scape was when he gave a bunch to us, much less what to do with them. Everywhere on the internet said to sauté them in butter. We never say no to butter, so that’s what we did. It seemed too boring, too simple, so we took some balsamic that we rescued from some house at the end of term and doused the sautéed scapes just before we took them off the stove. We ate them, covered in sweet tar, and then cooked them over and over all through June.