HEAR OARS by Zachary Schomburg


Hear Oars is a book of poems inspired by mailings of dreams sent in pink envelopes to the author by Mathias Svalina. 

The poems are an echo, a mirror, an action and reaction. 



Zachary Schomburg is a poet, novelist, illustrator, teacher, and the publisher and editor of Octopus Books. He lives in Portland, OR.




Where are all our oars.
Here are all our oars
on the bottom of the sea
like more sea.


The maze is shaped like an 8.
I turn left so I’m more in the center.
It is not like a statue you can see.
I’m hungry, so naturally
I pick a fruit.
I put my feet up.
I’m ready for the omens.
Flowers and insects remind me
of growing up.
Oh, yes, Mother’s teacup.
The watermelon from
the tragic picnic.
The rubber gloves for death.
The air is still.
The center never ceases to call.


A garden will save me money.
A bag looks like my dad and smells.
I don’t remember the days of being good.
It isn’t littering if the things are natural.
I only wish I had more to throw.