MOONSTONE by Emily Tareila


Emily Tareila is an artist and facilitator in San Francisco, California.

As the bio on her website states, "she cares a lot about a lot." 

Moonstone is collection of prose, poetry and watercolor text pieces. Like the best deeply felt from-life work, this book tells the story of Emily's recent life and is also infinitely relatable to the reader's own life. With the eye of a filmmaker and the hand of a romantic, Emily tells us how it was and how it may be next, with an indispensable underlying sense of humor.

In addition to her practice, Emily is also an undergraduate advisor at California College of the Arts. 



A new printing is planned for 2018.



You have the yellow knife

I have the blue knife

the moonstone cups and

moonstone plate


Stretching part of craning

settling in burrowing

string neck to thighs from

calves to eyes, opal here

opal abelone, palmer adissa


Baby blonde hairs on temples bleaching

elbows left, elbows right

pitchey, pithey

wild barley straw at ankles

marigold glow catch peaks and angles

stalk of stock on bedclothes


Like shining light behind

paper bags, a luminous glowing tobacco

bones snugged and rhyming

parents spoke lovers

like we do 



It’s not just hooplah Let’s live our values