Two Plum Press was proud to table at Short Run in Seattle again this November!


When the event was over, I thought "Hmm, I wonder why they didn't have the photographer going around taking those great portraits again this year?" Well, it turns out they did– as my arm is visible to the left in this photo of Delphine. I'm even wearing my nice camel hair shirt! But did they take myyyy portrait? Nooooooo. Whatever Short Run!

Included for your enjoyment is my favorite Two Plum Press super fan in all the land: Tony. I met Tony years ago at one of the APRIL festivals, and he's just the greatest. He sat across from Delphine and I this year and we got to wave periodically. Hi Tony! Anyway, I'll just assume I didn't make the documentation this year because I was too busy getting literature into the hands of Seattle. 

This Short Run also marked the release of two new books I've written. The first is the new, Sasquatch Books edition of my cookbook: The Myrtlewood Cookbook: Pacific Northwest Home Cooking, and the second is Collected Coffee Bags, put out by Delphine right there at Quotidian Press. 

short run table.JPG
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