We hosted our largest reading yet at the Independent Publishing Resource Center on November 30th. This reading was a release celebration of several new titles: The Three EPs and All In Black Blood My Love Went Riding by Ross Robbins, Hello by Carol Ellis, The Last Time My Sadness Was Convenient by Delphine Bedient, and Everyday Mythologies by Joshua James Amberson. All of the above authors read, along with Chris Maday, Michelle Overby, and Izzy Ferguson. This reading featured a fun new concept for transitioning from reader to reader. After each set, the writer who finished reading would draw a piece out of a cookie tin Alex was holding, read the piece and announce the author. That author would then get up and do their set. It was such fun.

3 fun posters for the reading:

Some images of the reading night. Onion spelt scones, a sea of books, and a sea of people.

Later that weekend, Alex and Andrew and Joshua drove up to Seattle for the Vera’s Project’s DIY Holiday Fair. Since ShortRun was a no go this year, this afforded the Seattle-crowd a chance to snag new Two Plum titles! We also got to buy a cassette tape shaped cat toy from Rose Melberg, and that was worth the trip in and of itself.


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