one whole breath

ONE WHOLE BREATH by Zoe Donnellycolt


Zoe Donnellycolt is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in Oakland, California. This work began as a letter to her college housemates, which evolved into an essay, which stemmed some poems, which all woke up one day as a book. 

The book weaves together prose, poetry, and multimedia drawings to explore these feelings, the thoughts stemming from them, and the ideas the thoughts evolve into. 



daydreams and secret passions being pulled like silvery threads from the cranium.

Hung on invisible hooks encompassing one’s head. the glistening threads extended to shelves, desks, coffee tables, chairs, blenders, and tea pots.

connected to the space, defining the space, placed as historic treasures.

Symbols of experience, of action, of engagement: webs left to be dusted away deep into the future.

drawn out, the strings are cut, the connection deceased

float there, morphing into oneself.


Viewing the city from the other side of the bridge, the space gives perspective

The water gives reflection The community:
A home for a period of time.

The ripples overlap,
the dancers, the artists, the movers, the shakers.

Thoughts of place and space punctuate time. Thoughts of community return return return,

Whilst they be among the stars, in a single room, with one or many, or just in the brain.