point of entry

POINT OF ENTRY by Izzy Ferguson


The poems in Point Of Entry are striking, sad, subtle, and sweet. They look forward. They do no dwell. Reading this book is like taking a breath on the coast after staying inland for too long. 

All of our feelings can find a place in these poems. 


Izzy Ferguson is a contemporary poet living and working in Portland, Oregon. Her first book, The First Order Of Businesswas also published by Two Plum Press.



You kept the white flowers in your mouth all night long. The girls of your dreams pushed their hair over their shoulder. Each one of them looking like a tree Norway would pay someone to leave standing. “Wallet and watch...” You are my friend and being friends

is like the actual scarecrow on an ideal morning in someone’s actual yard. When I left to go think about dogs, I had two cups of coffee and one glass of grape- fruit juice. I’m pressed, like a flower. And you, like tea leaves, don’t say much exactly. We are modest people but I have always admired you and I stand up straight and my hair looks best right after I leave you. It is like helping load a vibraphone into a neighbor’s car. It is always a strange time of year. I thought it was in the hands of the water.