THE BLUE MAN by Gary Lindorff


The Blue Man was originally published in 1982. An original copy of the book was gifted to me by the author's son, and after a contemplative reading over breakfast one winter morning, I knew it belonged on the press. Soon after, the idea of reissuing The Blue Man along with an accompanying new work (The Last Recurrent Dream, 014) came about. Lindorff was ready to share his work again, and Two Plum Press couldn't be happier to have worked with him.  

Excerpts from the new author's preface:

I was working at Borders in Ann Arbor, Michign, 1981, the second Borders in existence. The Borders brothers would show up in white suits and broad-brimmed fedoras from their other store in Louisville, to hold closed meetings about computerizing their inventory and franchising their book business.

…even though the process was quick and gathered momentum, this was not an easy book to write on any level: emotionally, psychologically or intellectually. The images, which were really the marrow of the bones, were “hot” (almost radioactive) or at least numinous and ominous and they shook me up. I wrote the first half of the book (Part 1) as if I were skirting a precipice. And in fact, that’s what living in the 1980s was like for those of us who were protesting the nuclear arms race, or watching the political and social and civil gains of the late ‘60s and ‘70s going up in smoke. 



Life was passing away little by little

onto tape.

Consequently, death was becoming less possible;

just another reel as life flowed back into the sun.


It is not at all surprising that

we started seeing ourselves in the sun.

Vision is a ray of transmuting images

with its own wavelength –

a 93,000,000 mile pure stream of imagery

and alongside it

words from life,

live like ants,

carrying bits of memory and meaning,

glowing darker toward the growing disc. . .


The sun has been burning out bad footage

and immortalizing the rest.

Due to this immemorial process

we have been recreated in our best image.