In the early new year, we caught up on some much-needed reprinting of dust jackets for two early Two Plum titles, 'Flavor' by Sofie Sherman-Burton and 'The First Order Of Business' by Elizabeth Ferguson. 

To celebrate getting these titles back in print, and to showcase the fall's new titles ('I Stayed Up Listening' by Michelle Overby, 'Moonstone' by Emily Tariela, and 'T h i s' by Rebekah Green), we held another large reading at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. 

The lineup was as follows:

Andrew Barton (reading from 'T h i s'), Sofie Sherman-Burton (reading from 'Flavor'), Delphine Bedient (reading from 'Down and Out On a Yacht,' sharing a new story), Elizabeth Ferguson (reading a few pieces from 'The First Order Of Business' and several new pieces), an Michelle Overby (reading from 'I Stayed Up Listening,' then sharing several new pieces). 

We drank donated Ninkasi beer, and ate savory cheddar/caramelized onion scones Andrew had made, and listened to a mix of the danciest Belle & Sebastian songs. It was a fine, fine evening.


Thanks to Holly Meyers for the Instagram-style documentation. 

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