This Holiday Season, we tabled at the Publication Fair curated and organized by Publication Studio. We were honored to be asked and so happy to come! This was where I STAYED UP LISTENING (010) got its second run, and where      T H I S (009) and MOONSTONE (011) had their debuts. I was particularly pleased that the latter two titles did very well at this fair, as they are our first books by living authors who don't live in Portland. 

My best friend from college, Asher Woodworth, familiar to readers of AUTUMN WANDERERS (005) and VISITING THE GOOD LIFE (008), was visiting. He tabled with me, as you can see. We enjoyed hearing from friends the speculation across the table of "do you think the Two Plum Press guys are dating?" I love that "Two Plum Press guys" is a thing. Also, Sofie reported that a teenager stormed over and said "Finally, I asked at the front, but nobody told me where Two Plum Press was," read every book extensively, didn't buy anything, and left. 

Authorandrew barton